Offical F-Droid repo

Are there still plans to bring Cryptomator to the official F-Droid repository?

This would have many advantages: It is easier to find for new users, no additional security risks by adding a (potentially untrusted) third-party repository, trust if the app is approved by the F-Droid team and verified to be open source (reproducable builds)

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See the following issue regarding this topic:

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I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m a beginner:
How does F-Droid version work?
Why the program is not on



for further information

Thanks for the clarification!
Hope you can finally find a solution to this problem!
Being present in F-droid is important and for many people it is a determinant of clean software.
99.99% of potential users don’t know why Cryptomator isn’t there and leaves.

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