Notification when shutting down with vault unlocked - 1.5.0 on MacOs -

When I shut down with a Cryptomator Vault unlocked, there is a Cryptomator pop-up window asking me to either CANCEL or LOCK the Vault. My Mac shuts down anyway without me doing anything. I consider this feature on 1.5.0 unnecessary, it slows down my shutting down process, and I would like to ask the developers to remove this feature. It’s kind of annoying too. Does it help with anything?

Well, “duh”. Otherwise we wouldn’t have it implemented. :laughing:

The idea behind this popup is, that the user may not be knowing that a vault is still unlocked (and maybe even be used!) and prevent from just terminating the application. The dialogue is triggered when Cryptomator is terminated, but it does not differentiate between user invoked termination or system shutdown. Also I don’t know if we can programmatically distinguish these two.

But nonetheless, thanks for the feedback! Feel free to open a feature-request on our issue tracker.

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