Nothing actually encrypted?

Hi all,

I feel like I must be missing something super obvious, but I can’t actually get Cryptomator to encrypt anything. This is on Arch Linux, using the version in the AUR. But I’ve tried it on two different computers with the same result.

Step 1. Create a new vault, which in turn creates a new folder in my home directory.

Step 2. Point my file sync app (MegaSync in my case) to the location of the vault.

Step 3. Put a test file in the vault’s local directory, then lock it.

But when I go look at what’s been synced, it’s just the files on the directory. My test document is there in plain text, and then there’s the key files and two subdirectories (m and d), both of which are empty.

The Cryptomator app does say something about failing to connect to the drive, but it’s not clear what that means or whether it’s related.

Clearly something isn’t happening that needs to be. What am I missing?

I assume your step 3 is wrong.
Don’t put the files you want to encrypt into the local directory where the d and the m folder is. This is the place where cryptomator places the encrypted files.
You have to place your unencrypted files into the new network drive folder that is created by cryptomator after you have opened your vault.
Then cryptomator will encrypt the file and store it into the d and m folders. (D = data, m=Meta data).
The encrypted files are then pushed to your online storage via the sync client ( Meha in your case).

I guess for what ever reason Cryptomator cannot create the WebDAV network drive I mentioned above.
Unfortunately I’m not on Linux, so I can’t really figure your what might be the reason.

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Hi pseydoCode,
I use Manjaro which as you will know is based an Arch Linux, and Cryptomator works fine.
If I may comment on your use of MegaSync (which I do use). I would personally would not try to use it with Cryptomator as MegaSync uses an end to end encryption, from your computer to

I have used Google-Drive (15GB free) plus with ‘Grive’ because it needs this link to work with a Linux OS. also Tresorit and Dropbox work good using Cryptomator.

This is an old post but I’d still like to mention that I agree with @Michael, you should store your files to the virtual drive where Cryptomator creates for storing encrypted files, you can also create a Custom Mount Point to make accessing the encrypted drive much easier.