Not working as expected with Dropbox & Win10

To save C:\ drive space I moved Dropbox to another drive. I switched from WebDAV to WinFSP (not local). I can add or move a test folder with files to the unlocked Cryptomator (CM) folder in the Dropbox virtual drive in file explorer (FE), the sync’d local Dropbox drive (J:) (in FE) and/or the network drive (1 Root (cryptomator-vaultSfZ4cLfO7F0E) (D:) (in FE). Except for the network drive the folder & files sync to each other including up to Dropbox in the cloud. But when I lock the drive, the folders & file are still visible AND UN-encrypted (that is they are visible/openable and do not disappear when the vault is locked (including up in the cloud). If there were sensitive files that would be a problem. LOL. what am I doing wrong?

This sound like you are storing your files in vault folder (where the masterkey file is stored). That’s wrong. If you want ronencrypt files you have to store them in the virtual drive that’s shows up when you unlock your vault.

Thank you very much for the quick and helpful response.
I did initially try to store the test folder (4KB) in the virtual drive per the “important.rtf” but got an error “not enough space,” (despite many GB’s free on the drive) so then I did as you suspected and added them to either the DropBox (DB) virtual folder or the DB physical drive folder . I searched and found that WebDAV might be the problem for this, so I removed the vault and test files and changed to WinFSP and started over. But then while I could add the test folder to the Cryptomator (CM) virtual drive it seemed like the test files added to the CM virtual drive did not show in either of the DB folders but I now see that if I click the “masterkey.cryptomator” file in either DB folder yet another file explorer window opens with the unencrypted files in another CM virtual drive window. And the DB cloud website shows gobbledygook (as it should, but which I think also means I cannot unencrypt them on the web, correct?). :disappointed: Is there a way to get CM to use a different drive letter? It picked D:\ In the old days sometimes programs for CD’s (and perhaps DVDs & BluRays) expected to be on/use the D:\ drive so there could be a conflict.

That’s crorrect. You need a cryptomator app to decrypt your files.

Lock your vault.
In cryptomator go to vault settings.
Here you can specify a drive letter for your vault.