Not so happy with dirid.c9r dir.c9r implementation

Hi all,
just upgraded on Win7 from 1.6.14 (msi-3947) to 1.6.15 (msi-3983).
Ran before and after the upgrade the “directory check” on my two vaults.
Before all ok, after lots of “directory backup missing” errors.
I am aware of the reason, and aware of the other topics about this new safety implementation.
And I am ok with that new safety net.
But, I have now 5828 warning messages when I run the directory check.
And I know, as you answered to another post, I can “ignore” that.
But I am not happy when I run a integrity check, I get 5828 warnings and I have to scan through the output to find real errors, making this check useless.
I am also not happy I have to select en press the “fix” button 5828 times.
Is there a way to “fix” these warnings in one go ?
This would be much appreciated.
regards, Ton

Available in Version 1.6.16

Hi Michael,
that is really great ! THANKS.
I looked at Downloads and saw that 1.6.15 is still current.
At Release 1.6.16 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub I found 1.6.16 and I just installed that release.
And yes, there now is a “repair all” button and it fixed all warnings in my vaults.
Again, great that this is implemented and very happy again :slight_smile:
Great work, regards, Ton