Not showing all my files

Hi there,

I encrypted my Dropbox and I don’t think all my files synced properly. It only shows 7 files at 0 bytes. The mobile app shows all my files so I know it’s all there.

How do I re-sync desktop so that I have all my files again on Desktop?

Thank you!

The desktop sync is done by the Dropbox client. Please check there for any issues or restart of the process.

Hi Michael,

I quit Dropbox and reopened it but it’s still having the same issues.

How do I “restart the process” of syncing?

How do I remove Cryptomator and then re-encrypt it?

I’m not sure what you mean. Cryptomator is independent from the sync process. Deleting the app or re-encrypting files will not solve any sync issue.

I am not using Dropbox, but I assume that there is some kind of sync status available like it is with the google or Microsoft client. You can also check the size of the vault (the encrypted files on your local machine) and compare with the size of the vault online. If there’s a difference, then the sync is not complete.

How do I remove Cryptomator and re-sync it?

I guess I would need to decrypt and then uninstall Cryptomator, then re-install it?

How do I do this?

Again. Cryptomator does not sync. Uninstalling it will not repair or impact the sync. This is done by your sync app.

If you want to remove Cryptomator you should copy all files from within the vault to a local space (so the files are not encrypted anymore).
Then uninstall Cryptomator the same way you uninstall any other software. go to you windows setting, add or remove software, select Cryptomator and click uninstall.