Not possible to perform unauthorized operations

I want to create a new vault on my Google Drive. When I want to connect to Google Drive I can authenticate but immediately after that I get an error message that it is not possible to perform unauthorized operations. How can I solve this?

Just found the solution, restart the phone (iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS 15.3.1) and the problem was solved…

Same issue here, but with OneDrive. Restart did not work for me.
When I tried to delete and re-add the vault from the app, it turned out that I receive the same error when trying to log in to OneDrive with the configured account (during the process to select the vault I want to add).
I remembered that I have changed my password for OneDrive recently. I deleted the connection and authorised again, and that did solve the problem.

So to me it seems like changing the password for the storage connection does not lead to a password prompt to change the login credentials (like it is when trying to log in to OneDrive with the app after the password was changed) but instead the login failed with this error message.
As a workaround you have to delete the connection and reconnect after a password change.