Not possible to create a vault in a sub-directory of a cloud folder which contains a vault?

It’s telling me “Cryptomator detected an existing vault at this location. In order to create a new vault, please go back and choose a different folder.”

Is there a workaround to this? Let’s say I have the following structure in my cloud storage:

Top Level
----- Encrypted
---------- Scans
---------- Finances

I’d like to create a CM vault inside “Encrypted”, and a separate CM vault inside “Finances”, that I’d like to share with someone else (I would share that vault’s password with them so they can unlock it).

Is that not possible, or is there some workaround in setting up my cloud folder structure perhaps (everything having to be at the same level, no nested folders)?

Any guidance/tips are much appreciated.

You can’t set up a cryptomator vault inside a cryptomator vault.

Even if it would be possible, in your Szenario you would have to share the vault password for „Encrypted“ and for the vault in „Finance“.

There’s no benefit in nesting encrypted vaults in other encrypted vaults. (No matter if you use cryptomator or other encryption software).

Long story short: your setup does not work with cryptomator. Please set up your vaults in unencrypted folders.


I see what you mean. Thank you.

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What you basically want is this (which is my setup):

±— Encrypted vault A
±— Encrypted vault B