Not launching. Error seems in line with having old windows. But i have modified win 11 22h2

Hi, so I recently got into modifying windows iso’s with a goal to create a really nice debloated experience…

but since I installed the version, Cryptomator won’t launch. When searching the error in the logfile, i come across people that had the same issue but their windows was too old for the version 1.6+. Which is not my case as I am using the latest windows 11 (fully updated).

This leads me to believe one of the services/features I disabled is used by Cryptomator.
If someone has any idea what those services/features could be, it would help narrow down my hunt to figure out what to re-enable.

Yes, I am aware I could just install standard windows, but that would be pointless in the bigger picture. I want to get better at stripping iso’s and therefore need to learn what would be considered vital to lesser used apps too.

I’d greatly appreciate some tips.

I should add that version 1.5 opens fine. Didn’t try to open my vaults, as I heard the vault gets updated after 1.6.

Log file: (Can’t upload file)

My first idea:
If you didn’t install a virtual file system (WinFSP/Dokany), then cryptomator uses the system build in WebDAV. If this is also not available due to your windows mods, then this could be the problem.

Uploaded relevant log file (Yes I know it’s the beta. But the 1.6.17 does the exact same errors)

WinFSP 2022.2 is installed along with the installer, and the service seems to be running fine according to services.msc

Since Windows 10, Version 1803, inter process communitcation can be done via file/unix sockets in Windows. (see e.g.,

Cryptomator requires this feature, which is missing in your Windows mod.

Awesome! That’s exactly what I was trying to find, but had a hard time actually pinpointing the changes that would have mattered in 1803.

I’m making a ISO as we speak to see if it helps. Will report back. Thank you!!!

Thank you! That was exactly what I needed. If anyone ever come across this post while using NTLite to modify windows.

Enable the following to get Cryptomator working:

Use search in the components section.

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