Not getting a .desktop file linux

I just had to re-install Ubuntu and when I ran the Crytomator appimage, it didn’t load via appImageLauncher and there was no .desktop file and it doesn’t show up in the dash. The appImage runs and works just fine but I’d really like to have a .desktop file and be able to run it from favorites like I have before or even from the desktop.
Any ideas on this would be great.

What I can say is, that we ship a desktop file along:

What I cannot say is, why the appImage does not find the file. I looked into the appimage docs, maybe the file misses some keys. I opened an issue on our tracker:

I appologize, I’ve been so snowed under that I forgot I’d opened this. Actually I have the icon now and I think what I did was to add the Cryptomator appImage to my Applications directory. Normally when running AppImageLauncher it puts a file in the Applications directory but for some reason with Cryptomator it didn’t. Adding it made the icon appear.