Not enough storage space on my system drive


I need to open a vault from pcloud, but it is quite big, and I have not enough free space on my system drive.
Is there a way to make the vault use one of my external drives, so that it doesn’t need any free space on the system drive?


Cryptomator desktop does not connect to an online storage. And it does not sync. So it’s up to the software you use to sync with your pcloud account where to store the local encrypted vault files you sync with your pcloud account. I guess the sync client can be configured to use an external storage as well.

Or you can use 3rd party software to access your vault directly online. Like Cyberduck.


so it’s pcloud drive that uses the diskspace! I thought it was Cryptomator, since pcloud advertised the pclod drive as additional storage space.

I tried Cyberduck, an it kinda worked. I just couldn’t open or download single files from the unlocked vault. I got a File Not Found error (saying File has set MIME type httpd/unix-directory). :frowning:
Otherwise it would have been a great solution.