Not enough space despite switching to WinFSP

Using Cryptomator 1.7.5 on Windows10 21H2
My Enrypted folder is on DropBox.
I switched the Mounting “Volume Type” from “Automatic” to “WinFsp” and I still get the problem that there is not enough disk-space. But there is plenty of space on my DropBox account.
When I search through the forums I see that apparently WinFsp is already installed and should fix the issue. But I am still seeing the issue? How can I verify how the drive was mounted (WinFSP or other)?

It’s your local space that matters. Not your free space on Dropbox.
Cryptomator creates the encrypted files on your local storage. And the Dropbox client does the sync of the encrypted vault files with your online storage.
So please Check if there is enough local disc storage where you have stored your vault.


Hi there, I am having the same problem: My encrypted folder is on Google Drive that is linked to my Disk D partition. There should be at least 40 free GB (100 GB on Google Drive and 40 on the local disk D), but it only lets me add 6 GB (the free space on Disk C). I am using Cryptomator 1.7.5 on Windows 10, and have switched to WinFSP. What else could I try?

Please double check if in your app settings WinFSP is selected as volume type. What you describe is very typical for WebDAV as volume type.