Not all Files Synching to iPone

I’ve been using CM with Google Drive between my Linux and Windows machines with no problems for several months now.

Earlier this week, I purchased the IOS app and set it up. Thing is, not all the files show up on my iPhone. For example, I have a folder called Pictures. There are 9 pictures and I see them on both my Windows and Linux machines, but on my iPhone, the Pictures folder is empty. I removed and re-connected the vault - same result. I uploaded a picture from my iPhone to the Pictures folder and it shows up on both desktop machines, but that is the only file that shows on my iPhone.

I have no idea what else is missing on my iPhone.

Any suggestions on what do I do to fix this?

Had the same issue. Contacted the support. No response. Asked that very same question in another threat. There is no answer so far. See here: Unterverzeichnis leer - ist es aber nicht
My solution: I don’t use Cryptomator anymore. It is a nogo to “loose” files.

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Honestly, I don’t know if its a Cryptomator problem, or a Google Drive problem. So, what are you using in place of Cryptomator?

Honestly, I’m using the Cloud from Apple.