No Results from iOS Searchengine

Hi all

since Cryptomator2 is fully integrated in iOS Filemanager it is easier using it at all, thanks for that!

Outcome is also that using iOS Filemanager is required, cause Cryptomator2 doesn‘t support file access as known before.
In Cryptomator1 it was possible to search for any files like „part-of-Filename-…“
You got a result of all files which include the search criteria.

iOS Filemanager doesn‘t give any results at all!

Containers are the same and always stored on Onedrive.

I am not sure it is really a Cryptomator2 issue, but when I ask Apple for that, I expect an answer like „please ask your app provider“ - that’s why I start asking here :wink:

Any Ideas for that ?


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Hi Thomas,

This is actually deactivated for security concerns.
Details here: Searching in Files does not work · Issue #192 · cryptomator/ios · GitHub

Search is very useful. Not being able to search is a barrier to adopting v2.
Is it possible to keep a search interface in the Cryptomator application itself as possible with v1?


I have installed version 2 of Cryptomator on iPadOS, but never started using it. The ability to search (rather filter) a list of hundreds of files is an important feature to me and I don’t want to miss it. That is why I continue using version 1 of Cryptomator.

Will version 1 continue to be supported/developed?

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Hi. Answer here: Will Cryptomator 1.0 for iOS continue to be supported?

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On macOS, I use Find Any File to access files in a Dropbox vault super fast. I really like this.

How did the developers of Cryptomator imagine we find any files in the vault on an iOS device (or iPadOS for that matter)?

Am I supposed to select all the files in the vault and download them to the iOS device - to make the list searchable? What happens then if I edit one of the files on another computer? Will the edit synchronize via Dropbox to the version downloaded on the iOS device?


It appears that not even downloaded files are searchable. So, are we expected to scroll through a list of files in a vault?

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Does anyone have the courage to reply with a simple “Yes”?

It appears comical that people spend a lot of money for smartphones and then you’re faced with the standard app that is made for browsing files that doesn’t even let you search and filter a list.

15 years after the first iPhone was released. This is comical!

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Yes, the search is currently completely disabled. A more detailed (technical) discussion can be found in issue #192, which @Michael has already linked to.
We are aware that for some users this will significantly reduce usability, but we need to balance features for users who place a lot of value on usability with features for users who place a lot of value on (local) security. Therefore, probably the next step would be to make the search available optionally. However, even then (as I already explained in the issue) the user experience is not great, since the Files app simply doesn’t offer an API for a global search.


Ok, I understand this. But this is not the only issue that makes Cryptomator V2 unuseable under IOS/IpadOS. Also the changing of the timestamp, when copying ² to the vault is unacceptable. When copying back to folder the timestamp doesen’t change.

² security issue ( maybe I have to crate a new topic to explain this)

On iPad (iPadOS 16.4.1 (a)) I have applied tags to the files in the vault, like this:
list A
list B
list C

tag “list A” is applied to files starting with the letter “A”, “list B” to files starting with “B” etc.

Instead of scrolling down the list of files, I can now filter the list by these tags.

However, I found that when I access the same vault from another device (e.g. an iPhone), searching with any of the tags returns nothing. It only works on the iPad which was used to create and assign the tags.

What does this mean – is this a Cryptomator issue or an operating system issue or a files app issue?