No other options than OneDrive on setup

Hi you folks!

I was just trying to setup CM on my desktop PC for use with my Koofr account.

But, during installation, I am only given the option to install locally or to OneDrive, no other options like Dropbox or WebDAV:

2021-03-29 11_42_50-Window

I have uninstalled and re-installed a couple times now, but it stays like this.

Can you help?


Cryptomator just looks if some default locations of known cloud providers is available on your file system:

Even though the preset locations aren’t found, you can always choose a custom location (“Eigener Ort”). Cryptomator doesn’t connect to any cloud storage service “directly” (that’s why, there is no WebDAV), it can only interact with vaults that are accessible via the file system.

In your case, you can install Koofr’s desktop app first: