No option to upload files on iPhone created vault?

On my Android phone there is a “+” icon in the lower bottom of the Vault I attach to, enabling me to Upload files or create a folder or file.
On my iPhone, I create a vault (e.g. Successfully added vault…), and one option to "Open in Files App’
clicking on this I (re)-input the password for the vault to unlock the vault. Message displayed “Cryptomator is Empty”, but there is no “+” icon to upload files! The bottom right of the screen give the option to ‘Browse’, but doing that doesn’t provide me the ability to upload files!
What am I missing???

Hi. Other than the Android app, the iOS app of Cryptomator is integrated in the files app. So after you unlocked your vault, you can see the opened vault in the files app and use it just like any other folder on your iPhone. To add a file just select it and move it to your vault in files app. Or use the share function or the „save to file“ function of other apps (like photo app) to save your files here.

Thanks for the reply Michael. But I’m still lost. You indicate “To add a file just select it and move it to your vault in files app.” The problem is that the Cryptomator vault (e.g. named: cVAULT, doesn’t appear anywhere as an option to move files to. For example, if I select a photo, my option is to select the share icon; from there, there is no named ‘Cryptomator Vault’ icon to select in order to move the photo.

Please check if you have enabled cryptomator to be shown as location in the files app.
See here: Working with Vaults — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation

Hi Michael, Again, thanks for the assist. I have 3 Cryptomator vaults, all are active in the locations list. All three vaults readily open from the Cryptomator app. One of these vaults is in dropbox, when I open the vault, via iphone Files, the iphone correctly display the files and enables me to download (e.g. to the iphone) the files I have in that vault. Still, if I select a photo or document on my iphone there doesn’t appear to be a way to transfer/upload it to a cryptomator vault.
One thought, when I select the icon to move a file the iphone provides a list of favorites and ‘suggestions’ It is under ‘suggestions’ that I thought the Cryptomator vaults would appear. It there a setting to enable the cryptomator vaults to appear in this ‘suggestions’ list?

If you want to safe a photo anywhere else than the camera roll on you iPhone, you select the photo, click on „share“, then „save in files“ and then select the folder where you want to store the photo. This can be for example an (unlocked) vault.
Always remember: Cryptomator for iOS does use the document provider and thus is handled like any other folder on the phone. So you interact with the files app if you want to share something into a vault. Do not look for Cryptomato as application. Always look fore the „save to files“ function.

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