No option to "remove" my login credentials

In Cryptomator Android, when I log into OneDrive, it saves my login credentials. If I wish to use a different OneDrive account, there is no option for me to “permanently” log out of my first OneDrive account. The only way I can do this right now is to go to “Application Manager,” force stop the app, and delete my data. Essentially I am reseting the app so I can add a different OneDrive account. Is there a solution for this yet? Thank you.

You can follow this instructions:

  1. Settings
  2. Cloud Services
  3. Press “Sign out from OneDrive”

After that, you can press again “Log in to OneDrive” and enter the new credentials.

Thank you. But after I “sign out from OneDrive” and I press “log into OneDrive”, it does not ask me for the credentials again. It just automatically signs me into my original account. Maybe it’s some sort of cache? I am running android 5.

You are right, there is a problem in the OneDrive log out process. We will fix that…thanks for your feedback!

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