No option to clear the cache @ macbook pro, intel, macos 12.6, cryptomator 1.6.15


I’m struggling to find an option to clear the cache (the remote files are downloaded to) manually. The iOS version offers that.

How do I do that? I don’t want my local storage to be used excessively.

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The Desktop app does not download anything. It encrypts only local.
Up-/Downloads are typically done by either your cloud storage provider sync app, or third party apps.
And here is where you can change settings to free up local space.

The iOS Version does directly connect to your online vault and does have a local cache.

Hi Michael,

That’s an interesting remark. Thank you, Michael.

I use Apple cloud as a storage backend. Unfortunately it seems like I can not limit the iCloud Drive Cache. There is only an option to set up “optimize the Mac storage”, nothing else. I don’t have the opportunity to set up a specific cache limit like 10G or something. Is there any chance, that the folder “user/library/caches/” contains this cache? Meaning, I need to check it every now and then. And whenever it surpasses a certain value, I can at least delete it. Not nice really, but helpful to maintain a boundary.

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