No FUSE selectable


unlike on my other MacPro and MacMini I can´t get Cryptomator to use FUSE on my MacBook Pro.

All 3 Machines on all latest Mojave 10.14.6, OSX Fuse 3.10.3 and Cryptomator 1.4.17.

Only on MacBook Pro there is only WebDAV selectable in the preferred Volume Type selector.

I tried reinstalling all of them, even did I a reinstall of mojave on the MBP. Still no.

Interestingly enough pCloud seems to be working and it needs FUSE to work. So FUSE seems to be installed correctly. Why isn’t Cryptomator using it on one of my three computers?


Have you checked your System Integrity Protection

Well FUSE installs ok without prompting an error and FUSE can be used by other software.
So I suppose SIP is not interfering. How can I make sure SIP isn‘t blocking anything for cryptomator.

Ok this remains unsolved I‘m afraid