No Free Space Error

I just installed Cryptomator an a Mac (with Fuse) and ran into a “could not be copied because of no free Space” error using it. I created a “Tresor” ( I am German sry ) on a WebDav mounted Volume (Strato HiDrive 1 TB) and copied some files into the Vault that Cryptomator mounted on my Desktop. He copied some Files but then this error popped up
See image :

I checked my Account at Strato and I do have 900 GB Free Space acording to them

Update : Strato allows a SMB Connection via VPN so I installed this and made a new Vault
Funny thing via SMB the whole Directory where I put the Cryptomator Files into where invisible via SMB …
The Mac now sees that this is a 1TB mounted Volume (with WebDav he didnt see the Volume Size). Cryptomator was a bit crashy while making the Vault ( he unmounted my Cloud Volume in the setup process repeatedly ) but now it looks like its working . Maybe I crashed my first Vault because I accidentaly picked a 69 GB File - with WebDav there is a 4 GB File Size restriction I guess .