No files in iCloud vault

not sure if was the latest update on my iPad Pro but now in the files app my iCloud vault stays empty. In iCloud I can see the vault, master key, encrypted files but if I unlock the vault in the files app it shows absolutely nothing … - The vaults on Google Drive and are opening just fine though …
On the MacBook everything works as expected, so it’s only on the iPad …

Just to be sure, what Cryptomator version are you using on your iPad?

Cryptomator 2 - latest release (not testflight) version - updated today

I’m not sure if it’s feasible for you but if you compare the directory structure of your vault (inside iCloud Drive, not Cryptomator) between your MacBook and your iPad, do you see any difference? Sounds more like that iCloud Drive is somehow out of sync.

Well, at a first glance everything seems identical - and if it wasn’t, shouldn’t at least be the files visable that are synced on the iPad - even if the sync should have stopped somehow - unencrypted files I add to the icloud drive on the iPad are showing up on the mac and vice verca, so it seems to sync… In the vault I can’t check that obviously :wink:

And what happens if you add file or folder on your iPad? Does it show up on your MacBook? Edit: I meant inside Cryptomator, not unencrypted via iCloud Drive.

You may send the log file (available in the Cryptomator settings) to, maybe there is something unusual. But since you haven’t mentioned any “error”, I’m not sure if it will contain anything useful.

Yes it does indeed show up on the MacBook…
And also vice verca but not the existing files

This is basically the structure of a vault:

├─ d
│  ├─ BZ
│  │     ├─ 5TyvCyF255sRtfrIv**83ucADQ==.c9r #1
│  │     └─ FHTa55bH*sUfVDbEb0gTL9hZ8nho.c9r #2
│  │        └─ dir.c9r
│  └─ FC
│        └─ ...
├─ masterkey.cryptomator
├─ masterkey.cryptomator.DFD9B248.bkup
└─ vault.cryptomator

I’m not sure how large your vault is but can you check on your iPad in iCloud Drive if there are any of those .c9r files (e.g., that I have marked with #1 and #2)? And if yes, that the filenames look “all right” and don’t have a (1) or something like that?

No, everything seems in order - I added a folder on the mac in another encrypted folder and now at least the old main folders show up and there is an error when I try to open them on the iPad - sent you the log

Did some investigation on my second ipad - updated till Version 2.2.1 - all seems fine - so if there is a software problem it must be in the latest version - won’t update the app on the second ipad to 2.2.2 so I still have a working backup device as I need the files on the vault for my daily work…