No decryption in mounted folder

Hi there,
I use Ubuntu 18.04, Cryptomator and want to try to work with my decrypted folder. The mainthing is, Dropbox works: all is encrypted, Google drive - none: all is decrypted.

What to do? Can you help me further?


Sounds like a wrong setup. If cleartext files end up in Google Drive, you saved files directly in your Google Drive directory instead of the drive provided by Cryptomator.

Can you post the paths of your vaults?

I use Cryptomator to encrypt my Files of my Smartphone FP2 and the Tresor is on my SD Card.
Then, Drivesync is used for a backup my encrypted files on Google Drive.
On Ubuntu 18.04 i got no decrypted files in my virtual HDD.

Hi there once again!
In Addition to that what i wrote, I wanted to say:
I intend to use Cryptomator for my encrypted backup. Form my Smartphone to GoogleDrive. The Tresor is located on my Smartphone and get mirrored on Google Drive.
Afterwards i intend to open these files by means oft Cryptomator for Ubuntu 18.04.
The last item doesnt work. The files are still encrypted.
DropBox works the same procedure.

Hi. Is there a reason why you have a setup like this and not just access your vault on gdrive directly?

Please confirm that you have synced all vault files (the encrypted files and folders where the masterkey file is) to you ubuntu system.