Newbie questions - I looked but couldn't find answers to these questions

I have installed Cryptomator for Windows 10 and Cryptomator for Android and I’ve been playing with them. I have some questions that I’m hoping someone can help me with.

I have been looking for a solution to encrypt files before uploading to the cloud. I currently am using a cloud provider that offers the ability to make their cloud storage appear like a drive on my computer so any files I drop in there are automatically uploaded to the cloud storage and do not take up any space on my PC. Cryptomator works like a charm on that virtual drive. I was able to encrypt, decrypt and launch the file directly from the virtual drive.

I tried the Android app and I noticed that the file I was playing with was downloaded on to my device, which I guess makes sense. My questions are as follows:

  1. I assume that the file is downloaded to my device in encrypted form then decrypted locally, is that correct?
  2. After I finished with the file I was looking for it on my device because I wanted to delete it from local storage but I could not find it, where can I find it?
  3. Presumably the file downloaded the encrypted filename. Is that correct? Does that mean that anyone who is casually looking at my device would not be able to open that file without first starting Cryptomator?

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The file is downloaded into the private app storage where only the Cryptomator app (and the system) has access to it. The file is only accessible to other applications if you open the file or share it. (see here Store changes on files opened with Cryptomator directly back to the cloud)


@SailReal Do you have anything to add?

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Thanks so much, your response really helpful. I have a follow-up question.
After the file is downloaded to my Android device how to I access it, interact with it, and delete it? I can’t seem to find anything in the app to help me. I don’t want these files taking up space on my device unnecessarily.

[…] we implemented a workaround to clear the complete internal cache folder every 5 hours.[…]

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Does it mean that any file I download to my device will be automatically deleted after 5 hours?

That means that any file that was downloaded into your Cryptomator cache will be deleted 5 hours, yes.
If you download a file and save it anywhere else on your device (bis the share function), eg at the SD card or if you want to „export“ it from Cryptomator for an unencrypted storage on your device, these file of course are not deleted automatically.

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Thanks @infeo and @Michael!

Furthermore we are currently implementing an independent and size-configurable cache of the encrypted files. In addition there will be a button in the settings to empty the complete cache (also the cache of the decrypted files…that might be of interest to you). Then you have the control when you want clear the cache.

As workaround: In the Android settings, you can clear the cache files anytime by following this tutorial.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help and information. I feel much safer knowing that my personal stuff is safely stored in the cloud without prying eyes looking at it.

Now, to figure out how to automate incremental backups on Windows 10 using Crytpmator…