Newbie - Cryptomator and OneDrive

I have installed Cryptomator on my desktop PC, with the vault located in my OneDrive folder and I can see the encrypted files in OneDrive on the web. And it works as expected on my desktop PC.

I installed Cryptomator on my laptop, added/mounted the vault from the app and entered my password, and the local drive was created, BUT when “revealed” it was empty. I can access the data with no problems using my iPhone so all should be ok on my laptop.

I tried it a few times with the same result. Can anyone help me out please?

Windows 11 fully updated on PC and laptop; and latest and same version of Cryptomator on each.

Please make sure that your OneDrive sync from PC1 to web and from web to PC2 is completed.
Most of the time it’s an issue with the sync if files are available on one PC but not on the other.

I assumed it would work with “Files on Demand”.

It does, but sometimes it has hick ups. Try restarting both apps and see if one drive starts downloading files. I had such an incident when one drive performed an automatic update.

All working now; after restart.