New user: I am able to upload files through cryptomator to Dropbox, but have local copies?

Hi All,
New user here…all seems fine when uploading files or folders through cryptomator into Dropbox, but I am noticing that the process also seems to be keeping local copies in the named vaults in /user/Dropbox/<my_vault>. I dont want local copies taking up HDD space. I just want my original files on my HDD, and encrypted backups resident in my Dropbox/cloud storage.
Am I doing something wrong in setup, or am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?

Thanks for any thoughts or help.

No you do everything right. Cryptomator is designed to save encrypted files local and these files are synced to your cloud via the providers sync client ( in your case Dropbox client). If you do not want encrypted files local, you should use cyberduck and read this post:

OK, thanks for that disappointing info. I really like cryptomator, but have no need or desire to keep encrypted local copies. I just want encrypted up/downloads to a cloud server.
I didnt mention this, but I use linux, so Cyberduck is not an option.

Maybe then this works for you.