New file/folders do not show up

If I add new files and/or folders in Cryptomator Desktop (Linux - Manjaro, mounted WebDAV Share), they are not shown in Android connected by WebDAV.
It works the other way round. Files/Folders added in Android show up in Linux mounted Share.
The created folders are there nevertheless. If I try to create a folder with same name as the one created in desktop app, Cryptomator Android tells me, that it already exists.
The problem seems to occur since the updated vault format.

Found the reason for this issue, but this is a real dealbraker.
Cryptomator Android is logged in to the WebDAV Server using WebDAV username USER_A.
The WebDAV Share in Linux is also mounted using the server access USER_A.
Then I mount the mounted WebDAV share through cryptomator, and now have a unencrypted Share mounted with the local Linux user USER_B.
When I copy files to the unencrypted share the files generated on the encrypted WebDAV Share inherit the access rights from the unencrypted share.
So now I have an encrypted folder with files of mixed userrights from USER_A (WebDAV Server) and USER_B (local Linux user executing Cryptomator)
On Android now, Cryptomator with direct WebDAV access seems to be only able to access the files that have been created by USER_A, so all files added on the desktop client are not accessible.

I don’t know if this problem also exists with the windows client, but using Linux this is a dealbreaker as long as Cryptomator does not allow direct WebDAV access through the client with propoer rights management and and syncing locally is not really an option because of the Share Size.

It do not know it there is anything possible from Cryptomator’s side, as it makes sense that userrights are inherited on the mounted WebDAV. But as usually you local user differs from the user you have on your WebDAV server, and manual user rights management is difficult, as the files are saved in the Cryptomator Vault system, there seems no viable way to use WebDAV for access in a desktop environment.