Network or Authorisation error during saving


I am using Cryptomator version 1.3.1 on a Sierra Mac (v 10.12.6).
When I work on Microsoft Word 2011 (v 14.1.0), sometimes when I want to save my file (on my crypted GoogleDrive), I can not and this error box appear:

However, there is no problem with the virtual disc mounted on the desktop.
The only way I found is saving the file in a folder outside from the Google Drive.

I do not have this issue with files not crypted on the Google Drive.

Thank you for your help


Reading the feed of the support, I think my issue is the same than the discussed issue macOS: Vault "closing" while working on file

If your virtual drive is still mounted, this is an unrelated error.

Office 2011 is no longer officially supported by MS, so we will probably not put much effort in this either. If it is reproducable with Office 2016, please let us know.