Need help with onedrive setup

This is my previous setup. You see, after syncing the files on onedrive I right click and choose “free up space” option so that the files remain only in cloud and not on my hard drive. It saves me hard drive space. This way the files are accessible through file explorer only when I’m online & connected to onedrive.

Now after using cryptomator when I do the same thing with encrypted files it does free up the space in same way but the thing is when I open any folder from cryptomator vault after a PC restart, onedrive automatically starts downloading all the files in that folder. This happens even when I don’t open any file in the folder. How do I stop this from happening? What can I do so that files not downloaded every time I open a folder from vault.

I hope I have explained my situation clearly. If you dont understand any part please ask so that I will try to clarify it more.

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