Native MacOS Support and removing the need for Fuse

I understand that it would require a significant re-write of Cryptomator for Mac for it to support the native MacOS API’s for Cryptomator to no longer rely on FUSE-T or any other variant of FUSE. This brings overwhelmingly great benefits to the Mac platform if the Cryptomator development team were to do this. It would be a game changer and as it stands, I won’t use Cryptomator with FUSE because there are too many issues with it.

On the other hand, asking for a major re-write of Cryptomator for MacOS for what is a small development team is obviously not something the dev team wish to do. I totally get that.

So my question is - if I were to offer an incentive to fund the cost of this development, would that help the dev team prioritise this above most other things so it’s done as quickly as possible. The idea of offering to fund it is not to rob Peter to pay Paul. It would be so it could be done without impacting the other things the wider community value - so in other words, does funding help widen the base of the dev team to get this done?

If this is something you are willing to entertain, would you mind letting me know how much it would cost, what the rough timeline would be for getting the work done, and confirming that it wouldn’t impact the wider community so this isn’t seen as unfair to others who would not get the benefit. I am sure the entire MacOS community would value this.

Thanks for your consideration on the above.


We do have a vision of how we want Cryptomator to evolve. As of today we are in the process of paving the way towards a Cryptomator 2.0 with a rewritten core architecture that uses one sub process per mount which looks like a requirement for the file provider API.

Since it is a major change we want to do it right and it would be premature to put a price tag on this feature.

That said, some of the work on our apps is done by external devs on a bounty basis in their spare time. I can believe that increasing the bounty can affect this as soon as the architectural foundation is layed.

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