NAS >> Google Drive

Hi there,

I´m complety new to this so pls excuse any noobish questions. Tried to find an answer but didnt.

My goal is having a share containing PDFs plain on my NAS (QNAP) and syncing these files encrypted with Cryptomator automatically to my Google Drive as a backup. The whole process should idealy be handled soley through my NAS.

  1. Is there a Docker for my QNAP which I wasnt able to find?
  2. Is handling this through a WIN VM the only way to make it run?
  3. Any further tips for me?

Further info:
I scan paper documents with the app “Quickscan” and save them automatically via Webdav on my NAS. Each document should then be automatically backuped encrypted on my Google Drive. Searching etc. for docs will not be done with Google Drive/Cryptomator but through MacOS/Network Share and Spotlight.


Anyone pls? :smiley: Much appreciated!