My files still unencrypted

Hi there. I want to store my files on team drive so I guess I have to encrypt them local before upload. I have no idea if theres any better way to do that. Point is I created my vault then copy some folders inside and after that copy again to a USB drive. I did check that pendrive on a diferent computer and still unencrypted. Idk whats wrong.
Can you recomend me how to do this pls? I though what cryptomator simply will encrypt ir and I could take those to upload.

Hi crea,

Cryptomator doesn’t work like that. With Cryptomator you create a vault (“Tresor”) and everything you put in this vault is encrypted. If you copy it from the vault to another place it will be decrypted again before stored an this other place. Usually you create the vault on a cloud drive so you have client side encryption of your files. However, you can create the vault on your USB device and put your files in this vault - the encrypted files will then be on your USB device.

thanks 4 your reply.
So, what I need to do is upload my files to team drive (heavy documents) encrypted and as we know, there aren’t an app of google drive/team drive for desktop. Theres is a drive app but I can’t do that from it (and of course I haven’t enough space to upload to drive first)
I wonder how could I do it. Can anyone help me?

You can add your OneDrive storage to teams to access your OneDrive files.
But never the less you can’t access your vault directly within teams. If you want to add a vault to Cryptomator app, it has to be local.

If you don’t have that space local, you have to use other software like cyberduck to access your vault online.

Thanks soooo much!
Im trying cyberduck and its what I was looking for.

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Now I have some quest about Cyberduck lol
Is there an oficial forum where ask? Or maybe could I ask here in this site?
I tried to find it by myself but cant find it. I mean checked oficial website but cant find forums.

Cyberduck does not offer a community board as far as I know.
You can search for help here:

Or you can browse/create tickets here:

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Allright with Cyberduck until something fail lol. Can’t upload large group of data based in diferent elements like folders, files etc :cry:
I got the error “transfer incomplete” when trying to upload large amount of files & folders on windows 10 (cyberduck lastest version)