My desktop OneDrive is not synced can I still use cryptomator with manual uploads to the cloud?

There is not sufficient space on my C: drive to use the OneDrive sync feature. So I always do manual uploads to back up files to my cloud.

Can I simply create a vault with cryptomator on my desktop in my D: drive (which is where I store my files as the C: drive is full up with software), then log in to OneDrive and click upload folder and simply upload the encrypted vault folder like I would with any ordinary folder please?

I’ve tried this, but I am concerned the encryption is not working, as I can open and read documents stored inside the OneDrive copy of the cryptomator vault even when Cryptomator is not running on my Destop.

I double checked by installing Cryptomator app on my smart phone. I have not added the existing vault yet and I’ve not entered the vault password, but when I access OneDrive via my smart phone I am able to open and read documents inside the cryptomator vault. This can’t be right, as all I have done on my phone is install the app.

I searched the FAQs, and see people suggesting the use of cyberduck FTP.
I didn’t understand this as I can simply click on the upload folder/file option within OneDrive and choose to upload the cryptomator vault folder without the need for FTP software. Please could someone with knoweldge of cyberduck explain if I’m missing something here?

Please could someone explain if there is a way I can use cryptomator to do manual file backups to OneDrive without the sync feature?

Many thanks.

Then the files are not encrypted and stored unencrypted at your OneDrive.
Make sure to copy the files you want to encrypt into the new virtual drive that shows up as soon as you unlock your vault.

By the way: if you have enough space on your d drive and have a vault on your d drive, you can configure the OneDrive client to include the folder where your vault is stored (on d) into the sync.

That’s a way if you have to deal with not enough space on your entire system or if you just don’t want to have the encrypted vault files local

With your way, you have the encrypted vault files local (and then upload them manually). With cyberduck you don’t need to have the vault local. You can create a vault directly online and encrypt your files on the fly during upload. As the Cryptomator technology is included into cyberduck, you do not need to have cyberduck installed to use it with cyberduck.
So cyberduck is your solution if you do not want to have the encrypted vault files on your local system at any time.

So if you say you have enough space on your d drive, I recommend to just include your vault into the OneDrive sync and backup your files into the vault.

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Thank you for such a fast reply Michael, very much appreciated.

I tried again and now the encryption of the vault is working. But now it’s shown as a proper drive on my desktop (before it was a folder) I can no longer upload the drive to OneDrive manually. I guess that’s because it’s a drive and not a folder.

Regarding syncing the D: drive wtih OneDrive, sadly that is not possible on my computer. In their wisdom HP decided to build it with 2 actual separate physical hard drives. My C: drive is full up with the operating system and various software, leaving insufficient room for file storage. OneDrive only provides the option to sync with my C: drive, not the D: which I found out when I installed OneDrive in the past.

I’m still not fully understanding the cyberduck. Would cyberduck allow me to create the cryptomator vault within my OneDrive cloud? I really wanted to encrypt all my documents on my desktop and cloud so they are always secure. If Cryptomator can’t do that (with my hard drive issue) is there any other trusted encryption software which could work?

No. The virtual drive is just the “entry” to your vault. Its where you store unencrypted files in order to encrypt them. What you want to store online are the encrypted files that are your actual (encrypted) vault files. Have a look where you have stored your vault (the place you selected when creating the vault). You’ll see 1 or more “masterkex.cryptomator” files, a folder that has the name of your vault, a subfolder “d” and in d there’s a bunch of folders and files. THIS is your encrypted vault, and this is what you want to store online.
Please have a look at the documentation to learn how cryptomator works.

I also use several physical drives actually my cloud folder is on D. Onedrive is configurable to select whatever place you like for your sync folder. This has nothing to do with HP or your hardware. It is a function of OneDrive to set the OneDrive sync folder.


It can. You are not struggling with cryptomator. You are struggling with OneDrive :slight_smile:

After being unsuccessful with One Drive sync set up last June I spoke with their tech. support. They told me it was C: drive only on my PC. I’ve found the change location settings you directed me to and am trying again to sync. It initially said it would back up desktop and pictures, but would not backup documents due to conflict issues with a file/folder, but I’m working on the conflict now. I’ll concentrate on getting One Drive sync working fully first, then I’ll follow your advice about cryptomator and see if I can get everything working together. Thanks again for your help and advice.

Hi Michael/Group, I’m back trying again to set this up.

Since we last spoke I’ve moved OneDrive to my D:

I am now trying to set this up so my documents are stored and encrypted on both my desktop PC and on OneDrive. When choosing the location of the vault I clicked on the OneDrive option offered to me. After I unlocked the vault it displayed the same hard drive space as my C: drive. I don’t want this. So I changed the (custom) location to This PC/D:/OneDrive/Vault. When I open the vault it appears under This PC with the same image as a hard drive. There is also a folder inside This PC/D:/OneDrive. This contains four items: d folder, important.doc, masterkey, masterkey.cryptomator. I’m not should what these are for. When I sign in to my OneDrive via a web browser the vault and documents within it are nowhere to be found.

Please could you advise what I am doing wrong? I expected to find the vault within OneDrive on both my PC and my cloud. Yet it only appears under This PC as a drive. So I’m concerned nothing in there will be backed up by OneDrive to the cloud.

With thanks,


What you see is your (encrypted) vault.
The Masterkey is needed to open your vault together with your password. Please do not rename or delete it.
The d folder will contain various random subfolders and encrypted files, as soon as you place content into your vault (the virtual drive you mentioned). Do not delete, rename or move d or anything in d.
The „important.doc“ is just a notification that you do not place files here. Please read it carefully. After that feel free to delete this file if you want to.

The folder where the Masterkey file is located is your encrypted vault that you want to sync with your one drive. If I understand you correctly, you named your vault „OneDrive“ and placed it in the root of D:
If you can’t find the same folder on OneDrive, then the OneDrive app is not running/syncing, or it is not configured to sync correctly.

Please note:
With your setting, you would have to configure the complete drive D: to sync with OneDrive, because you need to have the folder „OneDrive“ included into the sync. If you configure the folder „OneDrive“ as sync folder, then only everything IN it will be synced by the OneDrive app, not the folder itself. So the online vault will miss it’s Root Directory and will be not completely online. You will have problems if you want to access this vault directly with the mobile apps.
If it is your intention to sync D: completely to OneDrive, then your setup is ok.