My concern: secretly disappeared files

During my tests, I noticed that files that were renamed in the vault (for whatever reason, by a person or “the system”) disappeared in the virtual drive. The integrity check does not issue an error message.

So, such a situation takes place unnoticed!

I wish that such a situation would be recognized and that I would be able to restore renamed files. What are the options here?

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I also have this question. For example, can files or folders be accessed properly after being renamed, I hope I can get an answer. Thanks…

ok, i can check this with:

*.c9r - (dir.c9r + dirid.c9r) = number-of-files-in-virtual-drive

but it would be nice if such a check runs automatically and a message appears if there is a difference between the number of encrypted files and files in the virtual drive.

Of course, the files cannot be counted all the time, but it would be nice if the integrity check had such a check option. For the files in the virtual drive, I would like a corresponding “error message” in the file list, for example:


So you could see that a file cannot be displayed in the directory and you could then look for the cause. I think that would be better than the file just “disappearing”.

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