"My Computer" start to multiply itself in Windows 8.1


Another FYI-post from me.

I was just wondering if someone else have had experience of “My Computer”-icon start multiplying itself during running of Cryptomator, probably in conjunction with some other piece of software?


I can’t reproduce it. It just “happens” every now and then.

It ONLY happens when Cryptomator is running. But, it does NOT happen EVERY time Cryptomator is running.
I suspect there is some other process or application that don’t get along with Cryptomator under certain circustances.
Anyone have a clue?

I doesn’t bother me really, I just find it odd. And, again, I’m not sure Cryptomator is the culprit.

It’s PC-system running WIndows 8.1 64-bit.
I have Classic Meny 4.2.5 installed to get a more “familiar” look on the Start-meny, not really fond of the Windows 8 UI there. I’m also running MEGA service for cloud storage. These two app is somewhat suspected but I’m far from sure…

Hi, I wanted to say that I have a similar problem since Cryptomator 1.3.4 and still in 1.4.3: when Cryptomator starts it creates 3 more “My Computer” icons on the Desktop. I have 3 vaults.
When I press F5 on the Desktop, the 3 icons disappear again. This is the case each time my computer starts. It has Windows 7, Cryptomator 1.4.3.

Sorry to say I haven’t got any new clues to why this is happening. Haven’t happend to me since I wrote the first post but on the other hand I do not use Cryptomator in the same sense nowdays. Have a different backup strategy now.
Still, a great program! Will donate soon…