Multiple Onedrive account on Cryptomator for Android

Can you implement the possibility to add a second Business account inside the Android app? I am using my personal so far and it works well but I want to be able to log in to my business account as well. Thank you!

Already requested:

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Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

This is true but luckily we just implemented it for OneDrive. Using the latest beta version (1.7.0-beta1) this is now possible. You can test it by joining our beta testers using the following link: Inloggen - Google Accounts


Nice, sorry for repeating then! I bought the app from today and I am wondering also if I will get the updates from google play. Thanks!

Thanks for your answer, would my data ever be at risk when using the beta or it’s more a matter of stability?

For sure, download the APK from

Cryptomator-1.7.0-beta1_fdroid_signed.apk if you installed it using F-Droid and Cryptomator-1.7.0-beta1_signed.apk if you use the self updater (downloaded the APK from our website). Also it is recommendable to verify the hash after downloading the APK.

This can never be excluded, neither with a release nor a beta version with any software in the world. Backups, however, will always help regarding this valid concern.

You can of course just wait a few more days, but I would always make backups anyway.

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Thank you! Yes, I have a backup. I’ll try the beta :slight_smile: