Multiple issues with Ubuntu / Google drive

I’ve just installed Cryptomator on Ubuntu 16.04. I’m using the GNOME Control Center / Online Accounts to mount my Google Drive as an additional drive.

I’ve created a vault on my G-drive, but I’m having problems: once it’s created and open, when I try to either drag or copy a file to the new mount (the vault), it says there’s not enough space – basically, it thinks it’s a 0-byte file.

If I Lock the vault, then try to get back into it by copying the password from my password manager and pasting it in, it tells me the password is incorrect (Wrong Password). I get the same result if I try removing the vault from the application and re-adding it from the G-drive mount.

I don’t think this is supposed to be this difficult… ? :slight_smile:

No one has any ideas?

Problem still persists. Until this is resolved, Cryptomator is completely unusable. How can I trust my files to something that tells me my password is wrong after the first use?

Google Drive does not talk to Linux directly (but will work thought Firefox or Chrome).
To use Cryptomator from your OS, first install > grive-tools <

Then you will be able to to use Cryptomator and interface with G-Drive direct from your Linux OS.
My friend and Myself, both are using Manjaro with Grive-Tools and have never had any problems.
Have Fun…