Multi-cloud sync with cryptomator

so, using cryptomator and I enjoy it! For now using with google drive. but, you know cloud storage is a cloud storage, so zero trust with them. Is there any solution to sync to different cloud storage but with a cryptomator?
I mean, let’s say I create a document in my vault and I need that this document will be synced in a minimum of two cloud storages for a backup solution. There is a service like but how to integrated with them? Thanks for help.

Cryptomator Desktop just created the encrypted files (local). It does not sync.
So basically you’ll have to find a solution to sync the (encrypted) vault files on your local system with various cloud storages, or sync the (encrypted) vault files directly from cloud service to cloud service, which is what your named service offers (as far as I understand it), if you want to allow them access to your cloud storages. There should be no issue with cryptomator files as they are just files like any other.