MS Office open file detection in local shared vault


I’m currently trying out Cryptomator as a possible replacement for Boxcryptor, and I have found what looks like a major missing feature (at least to me).

I am using Boxcryptor with its encrypted files stored on a network share so they can be accessed by multiple users, but without any synchronization software in between, cloud or otherwise. This works well enough. With Cryptomator, again with two PCs using the same vault on the network share, the “another user is editing this file” detection of, e.g., Excel does not work. Both users can open the file read/write, and both can save it, and each user’s changes silently overwrite the other’s.

This happens with all the WinFsp mount methods. I cannot use WebDAV at all for unrelated reasons.

Is there a way to make this work?


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Tbh, I am struggling to understand your setup completely :sweat_smile:

Side question: Is Auto-Save ON in Excel?

The vault is on a network share, and two different users on two different PCs have it unlocked at the same time. That’s the setup.

No, autosave is off.

I am facing the same issue, I add a diagram to have a better understanding of the setup . I would like to understand the reason behind and if it is related to excel, cryptomator, virtual drive, setup, etc…Thanks.

  1. User 1 opens excel. file and start editing
  2. User 2 open the same file and start editing
  3. Neither User 1 or 2 gets an excel notification that the file is already opened by anohter user.
  4. User 1 and 2 can save the file overwriting the changes from the other user.

Expected behaviour: When User 2 opens an excel file already opened by another user, it gets a notification

@infeo can you take a look?