Moving Files via iOS

How can I move a file that’s not yet encrypted in google drive, to my encrypted space? I can’t view my entire google drive content via Cryptomator 2, only my vault. Also cannot open google drive in files app to move the file. Cannot move the file in drive itself because the vault is encrypted lol.


If you have Face ID protection enabled in your google drive app, the iOS files integration of google drive does not work anymore. If you do not want to switch it if for your file move, you have to open the google drive app, select the file you want to move, select „send copy to“, select the clipboard. Open files app, goto your vault, and paste the file. After that you can delete the file in the google drive app.

If you do not have Face ID enabled, just open the files app, select the files in google drive folder, select „move“ and then select your vault.

I don’t think I have Face ID enabled for my google drive, but I do not have google drive listed in my files app… how’d you get it in there?

Please check if you have enabled Google drive in your files app.
See here how to do it: Working with Vaults — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation (described for cryptomator vaults, but it’s the same for all other apps)