Moving files between vaults with the same encryption key

Is there a way I can move files between vaults with the same encryption key (by cloning it initially) without decrypting and re-encrypting?

2 Vaults never have the same encryption key. Even if they have the same password.
See: Security Architecture — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation
So no, this is not possible.

Update: I might have a misunderstanding here. If you have a clone of your vault, then the encryption is of course the same.
If you want to add files from vault a that are not in vault b, then I recommend to use a backup tool that compares all the encrypted vault files and process the differences.
But be careful. If you mess up your vault structure, your files may become inaccessible .

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Thanks for your kindly response, and sorry for my late reply. Could you elaborate more about how to keep the vault structure healthy? My purpose is to use server side move function to move files so I don’t have to consume the resources to download and upload, also decrypt and encrypt, but this sounds very difficult based on your explanation, am I right?

Well, just don’t mess it up. :slight_smile:
If you are playing around with the encrypted vault files and folders, you have to ensure that they are always in the place where they should be. Otherwise they can’t be decrypted.

If you automatically sync your encrypted vault files between 2 storage places, and ensure that in both vaults als files and folders are at the place where Cryptomator created them in the first place (means storage 1 is an exact copy of storage 2), then you should be fine.