Moved Masterkey

Hi There,

I created a new Vault on my OneDrive. I opened it and moved the File in to the vault. But i also moved the Folder where the masterkey file is stored. Now i cant open the Vault, becouse the masterkey ist encryptet too. Is there Any possablity to get on my files again?

Thanks for Helping


I guess you totally understood something wrong. You don’t see the masterkey files when you open up the vault. If you open the vault, and the WebDav URL is mounted, and you look into this mounted volume, you cannot see the masterkey files.
So I guess you searched the already encrypted files (eg via files explorer), and copied them into the vault. This will not work.

Back to topic and sorry for the bad news in advance:
I recreated what you described.
I moved the masterkey files of my test-vault (with windows file explorer) into my test-vault (means: into my mounted test-vault drive), and then closed my vault.
And this is it. Your vault is destroyed. You could have just deleted both files. Its the same result.
The masterkey files are the most important files. As the name might suggest: this is the key. If these 2 files disappear for whatever reason, you vault can not be opened again. You will not be able to decrypt your files again.
So, If you do have any copies of your masterkey files, then place them at their original destination. If not, well…