Mountain duck advantage over Cyberduck

is there anything that mountain duck does that Cyberduck does not except it mounts a new drive/volume? Are there any other limitations of Cyberduck that are not in Mountain duck? Anything that we can do with mountain duck and cannot do with Cyberduck?

Other than the mounting, Mountain Duck also provides caching. This is quite useful with slower internet connections or when work with large files. Also the meta listing should be useful so that you browse your files as if they are local.

I’m using both though. I create vaults with Cryptomator and then add it to Mountain Duck. I found that to work better when also opening the vault on iOS.

Thanks. the caching feature looks amazing. I was thinking of buying the mountain duck but cant seem to find any advantage over Cyberduck. Let me know if there are any other perks of using Mountainduck.