Mount Point dashes changed to underscores

Cryptomator recently changed the mount points of my vaults, and I can’t seem to change them back.

I have two vaults, both with names like multiple-word-name, with dashes separating the words. In the past, they mounted at /Volumes/multiple-word-name. Now they mount at /Volumes/multiple_word_name – with underscores instead of dashes. Why the change? It is messing up other programs that are set up to access files underneath the original mount point.

I have tried using the various options in the Mounting tab of the vault settings, to no avail.

I’m on the latest Cryptomator for Intel Mac, 1.6.15 (dmg-3983). MacOS Ventura 13.0.1 (22A400).

I have a similar issue. In my case, the vault names are with underscores, like in your case.

What I have as issue is that alias links to the mount point of a vault are not working after locking and again unlocking a vault.
Even when the path /Volumes/vault_a hasn’t changed. With cmd+shift+g -> /Volumes/vault_a in Finder, I can still access the vault. But the alias in Finders quick access isn’t working anymore.