Mount as local volume

I’m using macOS Sierra on my MacBook Pro, and accessing Cryptomator volumes from apps is a disaster. The problem is that every time the volume is mounted, it has a different name. The only solution as I see it would be to mount it locally. I think that means using something like Fuse for OS X (OXFuse?). Don’t know if this is feasible, but some way to consistently mount locally is my suggestion. It sure would increase the usage scenario of the app in macOS.

We’re working on a FUSE integration. See:


Thanks for the update and link.

Hope to see it soon. I’ll be happy to beta test, if you would like.

I have the same problem after updating to MacOS Sierra (10.12.6).
E.g. the vault “Data” is now mounted like that:

d–x--x–x+ 2 user wheel 68 2 Dez 22:00 Data
drwx------ 1 user staff 2048 7 Nov 11:33 Data-1

Because I do backups of /Volumes/Data it does not work anymore.
Sometimes the volumes are mounted as XXXX and sometimes as XXXX-1.

Is there any workaround?

Thank you

Hello again,

after update to MacOS High Sierra (10.13.1) the problem is gone.


Just wanted to add known issues of WebDAV support in macOS because it might be hard to find an overview:

  1. Duplicate folders in /Volumes/ is a Sierra bug:
  2. Unfortunately, there is a new bug in High Sierra and we’re still waiting for a response/confirmation/bugfix from Apple:
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