Mobile bug: Doesn't honor JPEG rotation flag

The mobile client, at least on Android, doesn’t display JPEG files with the rotation as saved by the camera. Makes half my photos displayed the wrong way.

See here for explanation:

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This is still a problem with the Android client (and presumably iOS?). Half my photos don’t display correctly and it’s rather frustrating since you can’t display them in another app on mobile unless you export them all.

More details on how to interpret the EXIF tag in question:

Agree this would be nice feature request.

My workaround is to use a photo organiser tool called XNviewMP (windows linux and mac). It has really nice JPEG Lossless rotation and crop options. You can select a batch of photos and choose “rotate based on exif orientation field”

Thanks for following up on the topic :+1:!

I can confirm that on my device sometimes the images are not displayed correctly as to its orientation.
I looked into the code and found no problem BUT all images I found with the EXIF Orientation tag set, are displayed correctly. I just checked some apps e.g. my camera app and found out that this app doesn’t set the Orientation tag at all.

Could you please publish a JPEG image with EXIF Orientation tag set but which is misinterpreted by our app? You can verify if the tag is set using eg exif --tag=Orientation ‘PATH_TO_FILE’

You can also upload the following two images into your vault and check how these images are displayed (they have the tags set correctly)…on my device correctly :slight_smile:.

Okay, for reasons of privacy the exif data will be removed completely from the uploaded pictures here in the community. Here is a link:

Hi, thanks for all the feedback. I checked a couple of images that don’t display correctly and they have the flag set, this one to 90 degrees clockwise:

$ exiftool -n SDIM0180.JPG | grep Orientation
Orientation : 6

Another failing file has the flag set to 8 (rotate 270 degrees clockwise)

Okaaaay, found this repo and can confirm that the Orientation tag isn’t working at all in the latest version in our image preview :thinking:?

We’ll dive deeper into this problem and fix it. Thanks again for reporting and the reminder :sweat_smile:


here is another picture where this problem happens:!ApNoP5AV1yr-krFm47I_8aX0tFUgzQ

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Still needs some improvements but is working now and will be published in one of the next releases…please stay tuned :slightly_smiling_face:



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Nice, looking forward to it!

Finally Google has approved our 1.5.3 (beta) which should honor the JPEG EXIF orientation flag.
Feel free to join our beta.