Mobile app cannot access OneDrive vault

Hi there!

I’ve just installed the Windows desktop app (v1.12.0) and the Android app (v1.10.0). I created 2 vaults on my OneDrive storage from the desktop and everything works fine. Then I opened the mobile app, connected successfully to my OneDrive storage and tried to add the existing vault.

Unfortunately, I got a weird behavior:

  1. The mobile app proposes the standard list of vault location and I select OneDrive.
  2. I can see my OneDrive account listed and I click on the [+] button.
  3. The app seems to switch to a Microsoft select screen, requesting to connect to my account or select another one.
  4. I obviously select my account and get back to point #2

Maybe I should revoke the OneDrive authorization and recreate it but how?

Thanks in advance for any help (before I ask for refund)!