Mobian and Ubports support

What about support for the mobile Debian: Mobian?

Switched from Android to Mobian and I am deeply impressed. Anything runs smoothly, it is ready for using it as a daily driver. All desktop apps are supported, some of them with a responsive design.

Probably it will run on Mobian. How can I get a jar file? Is there a list of all necessary dependencies?

Also, since Ubports got significant more attention in 2021, and apps are reported with downloads >5000, it would be helpful to get Cryptopmator as an Ubports app as well.


So, here is my workaround. It works pretty well.

First, make a luks container on the phone.

Mount the Cryptomator vault on the laptop.

rsync the content of the vault to the luks container on the phone.



I guess you already figured it out, but you have to build the application by yourself if you only want to use the jar. The instructions on how to do that can be found in the Github repostiroy README:

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