Missing masterkey.cryptomator

Hi there, I have using this Cryptomator to lock my local file quiet some time, all the while have no any issue.

I just done cut and paste my file into the locked drive. After completed, I found that the Crytomator is auto locked the drive, and I found that the masterkey.cryptomator file is missing.

How can I do to unlocking my drive now?

I have check recycle bin, the masterkey.cryptomator is not there, and I very confirmed that, the masterkey.cryptomator file is not deleted, but I can’t find it now.

Please advice, what can I do?

Well, cryptomator did not delete it for sure :wink:.

If you can’t find your masterkey file anymore, and you do not have a backup of it where you can recover the masterkey from, but you do have a recovery key for that vault, you can try this to recreate your masterkey file from the recovery key.

If you do not have a recovery key for the vault, and you can’t find your masterkey anymore and you do not have a backup or your vault (which contains the masterkey), then your files in the vault cannot be decrypted anymore and are lost.

Not sure is it crash the file, the masterkey file is missing, even i try using those recovering deleted file software, it also can’t get the file.

By the way, I found there are an error log from the software, but not understand what is the error.