Missing folder, health status failure, log file OK


I have a folder that has disappeared from my vault. When I run a health check on the vault, the “Directory Check” section fails for 1 item, saying:

dir.c9r file (G:\PathToVaultDir\d\GI\PC7CCQ7GOGSB2736QKF56VVYFHEXVZ\CekrOU-GvNN1i13aDojby1ItuEi2SgI=.c9r) points to non-existing directory.

When I export the log, the status is listed as “GOOD”, but directory is listed as “null ()”:

Check Directory Check
    GOOD - Good directory null () -> GI\PC7CCQ7GOGSB2736QKF56VVYFHEXVZ

Is there any way to recover the folder, or any of the subfolders? I believe all the data is still all there, this pointer is just preventing me from getting to it.

The status in the exporrted report is a different one from the first mentioned one.

Proper synchronization is the key. In your case, a directory and a link to it (the dir.c9r file) should have been created, but only the link file can be found on this device. In 99,99% of all cases, the sync client skipped/forgot the directory. Ensure that synchronization is complete and rerun the check again.