Migration to version 1.6.x with reduced file name lenght (filenameLengthLimit)

In the blog “Blog / Cryptomator 1.6.0: What You Need to Know” the developer wrote wrote in the paragraph Update Guide

“When you decide to update, there is one last issue you need to check beforehand: If you ever manually altered the setting file filenameLengthLimit for a vault in the settings.json file, these modifications will be lost after the update and will be ignored if simply copied back. A guide to migrate in this setting will be published soon.”

Are there any new findings? Has anybody already tried that?

I would like to update, but don’t dare to because I have thousands of files on a server that only allows file name lengths of 128 characters.

Thanks for tips or instructions.

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

my first question is: Do you ever altered the setting manually?

If not, you don’t have anything to fear from my point of view.

Regarding the guide: It is in the works, but not yet finished. ETA is end of this month.

Sorry if I haven’t made this clear. Yes of course I have set the corresponding entries in the settings.json file by hand to the file length of 128 characters!

This is because I upload a cryptomator directory to a provider that only accepts files and folders with a maximum length of 128 characters.


But because everything is working satisfactorily so far, I’ll be happy to wait until the end of the month.
Many thanks for your help!

Here it is: From 1.5.x to 1.6.x - Migrating filenameLengthLimit